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Our mission is to educate, empower and expand a community centered on the needs of women and girls. We strive to aid in the development of self by creating experiences, producing quality programming and providing resources for all who encounter our organization.

Distinctively Debutantes Program

The Distinctively Debutantes Program was born out of the vision of Mrs. Serita Jakes that we continue our legacy of growing young women by pouring into the next generation of leaders. Her desire is that young ladies fulfill their promise through the wisdom, mentoring and life coaching we afford them in love. The Debutante Program is designed for girls ages 10-17 years of age (or high school senior.)

The main pillars at the center of the program’s framework are:

  • A strong self-awareness 
  • A spirit of excellence
  • Honorable character
  • Civic engagement
  • A sweet aroma of femininity
A young couple in formal attire.
Father Daughter Dance

The Debutantes are chosen based on the following criteria:

Achieve and maintain a B or higher academic standing; maintain a membership in good standing at a local church; demonstrate outstanding character, leadership, dependability, and service in school and/or the community. 

Trained mentors are assigned to work with the Debutantes and are required to present before them an exemplary lifestyle. Sessions in faith, etiquette, business professionalism, finances, and human relationships are addressed during the Debutante’s seven months of training. The end of their training culminates with a formal graduation.

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Distinctively Debutantes Chapters

Five young ladies on stage laughing with joy, one is holding a backpack.

Seize the empowering opportunity to establish your own chapter of the Distinctively Debutantes Program and assume a transformative role in shaping the lives of young women. By embarking on this journey, you not only contribute to the growth and empowerment of local young women but also become an essential force in a global movement to uplift women across the world. Your commitment to founding a chapter will echo the program’s vision, born out of Mrs. Serita Jakes’ foresight, to continue the legacy of nurturing the next generation of leaders. As you create a local chapter, you actively participate in fostering love, wisdom, mentoring, and life coaching to inspire young women aged 10-17 years or high school seniors, cultivating a positive impact that resonates globally.

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Mommy and Me

A mother nad her daughter hugging.
A young girl at a Distinctively Her event.
A young girl kissing her mother's cheek.
An image of a mother and young daughter laughing together.

Mommy and Me is an enriching event designed to create a special space for mothers and their young girls, aged 5-10, to embark on a joint exploration of life skills and valuable lessons. This unique gathering is crafted to foster meaningful connections, promoting a shared learning experience that goes beyond traditional mother-daughter activities.

Immerse yourselves in a day filled with engaging workshops and activities carefully curated to instill essential life skills in an enjoyable and interactive way. From interactive storytelling sessions and creative arts and crafts to hands-on activities, each moment is an opportunity for both mothers and daughters to learn and grow together.

Our expert facilitators will guide you through a series of themed sessions addressing vital aspects such as communication, empathy, resilience, and creativity. Watch as your bond strengthens through collaborative games, laughter-filled challenges, and heartwarming moments that make learning a joyous adventure.

The “Mommy and Me” event is not just an educational experience; it’s a celebration of the unique connection between mothers and daughters. Join us in this heartwarming journey, where love, learning, and laughter intertwine to create cherished memories and equip young girls with the skills they need for a brighter future.

College Bound:
Mastering the College Application Process and Beyond

Step into the future with “College Bound: Mastering the College Application Process and Beyond,” an immersive event meticulously tailored for high schoolers aspiring to embark on their college journey with confidence. This dynamic experience is more than just a seminar; it’s a comprehensive roadmap designed to equip students with the tools they need to navigate the intricate landscape of college applications and beyond

Engage in informative workshops led by seasoned experts, covering crucial topics such as crafting a standout application essay, navigating the financial aid process, and making informed decisions about college majors and career paths. Our event is crafted to demystify the college application process, providing practical insights that empower students to make informed choices about their educational future.

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Mini Masterclasses Series

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Mini Masterclass Attendees
Mini Masterclass Speaker
Mini Masterclass Speaker on stage

Welcome to our empowering mini-masterclass, a transformative experience tailored for women of all ages and walks of life. This unique event is designed to equip you with essential skills that transcend boundaries, helping you not only navigate but thrive in our dynamic society.

Engage with seasoned experts and thought leaders as they share valuable insights on a diverse range of topics, including effective communication, personal branding, resilience, and embracing change. This mini-masterclass goes beyond conventional learning by fostering an environment where women can connect, inspire one another, and build a supportive network.

Immerse yourself in interactive workshops that blend practical skills with inspiration, ensuring that every participant gains actionable takeaways. From cultivating a growth mindset to honing leadership abilities, each session is crafted to enhance your personal and professional toolkit.

This event transcends age and background, creating a space where women can learn, share experiences, and empower one another. Join us for a day of growth, connection, and empowerment as we collectively strive to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of our society. Your journey towards personal and professional excellence begins here.